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About the artist

I grew up in a small farm town in Missouri and studied art at Stanford University and the Boston Museum School.  I have been working as an artist for 40 years, exhibiting in Boston, central Massachusetts, and New York.  I worked many years in the Vernon St. Studios in Somerville where my art reflected urban subjects. In 1992 I moved to the village of Petersham in central Massachusetts and my subjects became the many vegetable and flower gardens my husband Bill and I grow and the woods and natural habitat of the area.


My subjects are used only for inspiration, however.  The real subject of my work is the color and shape, how it can create movement and energy.  Originally I worked in oils, but many years ago I discovered the liberation of working with paper and scissors.  I paint the paper I use in my collages, then cut shapes which I move around until I get images I like.  Then I move these around and experiment with combinations until I sense an excitement and unity in the work. Collage gives me the freedom to experiment and change things quickly which is important since I am a very impatient person.


In my new works I have moved away from flatness and now I'm not just cutting the painted paper but weaving and folding it and who know what’s next.  I view art as a process which I hope leads to progress and ultimately change—like life.

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